Hello world!

👨 Let me introduce myself:

I am currently enrolled as a postgrad business and data science student at the University of Zurich, working as an assistant at the chair of Network Science and employed as a creative concepter at the web agency Station. In my past I co-founded a record label, built an e-learning platform, worked for the leading innovation center at ETH Zurich, was on the board of Switzerland's biggest student think tank and helped to organise the first Swiss blockchain research symposium.

💡 What I am interested in:

Whenever I am not outside rock climbing, running or surfing, then I learn about UX design, data science and video production. Apart from that I like to write or talk about topics related to digitisation and its effects on society. For example:

Bitcoin's uprise from the undergroundThe interplanetary education systemState surveillance and the social credit scoreDecentralising an art auction Cyber warfare strategiesHouse price prediction with Machine Learning

Enter my current filter bubble:

Homo Deus - Noah Yuval Harari
Fooled by Randomness - Nassim Taleb
Surveillance Capitalism - Shoshana Zuboff
Sapiens - Noah Yuval Harari
New Dark Age - James Bridle

Stephen Wolfram - Computational Universe
Antonia Hmaidi - The Social Credit System
Klaus Hommels - Managing our Tech Dependency
Dan Ariely - On Dating and Relationships
Michael Pollan - How to Change your Mind

Chopstick Dubplate - Worldwide traveller
Caravan Palace - Lone Digger
A Tribe Called Quest - Space Program
Sudan Archives - Nont for sale
Stromae - Tous les memes

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